Persatt Systems Inc. is a management consulting practice, founded in 2000, that specializes in providing organization and planning services to companies to achieve their corporate development and business development objectives. Persatt helps organizations to develop long term goals, align compensation plans with those goals, develop annual objectives, develop their Leadership Teams with a culture of execution. With experience in Canada, the United States, and Europe, Persatt has the proven experience to help you to make the plan, work the plan and enjoy the journey.

What does Persatt do to assist you?

  • Develop your ten year goals
  • Develop your operating plan to achieve the ten year goals
  • Facilitate your annual planning session to develop your annual objectives and action plans
  • Develop your metrics to track progress towards your objectives
  • Facilitate your monthly objectives review sessions with your Leadership Team
  • Record and publish all minutes and follow-up action items for all your meetings
  • Follow-up on all action items from the Leadership Team meetings

What can you expect as the result of working with Persatt?

  • Develop your Leadership Team
  • Develop your organization with a culture of execution
  • Avoid surprises metrics monitor your leading indicators
  • Achieve your sales, profit, and corporate development objectives

Why select Persatt to assist you?

  • References our clients speak highly of us
  • Experience we have a track record of doing this successfully
  • Execution we help make the plan, and then help work the plan
  • Honesty we will tell you what we think, not what you want to hear
  • Energy we energize your organization